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About Our Directory

Welcome to Model Clubs and Models Shops, the UK’s premiere website for model shops and model clubs and other associations for model railways, model cars, model boats, model trains and model aeroplanes, all of which are die-cast or plastic kits and most of which have their very own club for you to join.

Whether you’re just starting to collect die cast miniature scale models or have been building model replicas as an ongoing hobby, you’ll find our web site interesting and easy to use. As well as offering an extensive directory of model clubs, you’ll also have access to an ever-increasing list of UK model shops.

Perhaps you’re looking for an obscure racing car or a specific train? Scroll through our pages and you’ll be sure to find all of the general models as well as interesting “featured specials”.

With numerous model clubs available to join, you can be sure to find a club that suits your specific interests! There are a whole host of featured specials and you can join the club that goes right along with that precise model.

Review, and possibly join, as many model clubs as you want - there’s no limit.

The directory includes a plethora of model clubs to search through and club members and shop owners can submit and manage their own complimentary listing. If their specifications or details change, updating the model club listing could not be simpler.

From rare collectibles to general models suitable for children and those just starting to build models, we have them all.

Just select one of our complimentary listing of clubs on the left navigation bar to find a model club today!

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