Stormfront Models

Online Cambridgeshire Model Shop in Peterborough.

Many old, unusual & rare kits sourced, and kits bought for cash .

Models made for others on a commission basis please see our website for examples & details

Stormfront Models regularly appear at Cambridgeshire model shows.  We also make models to order, and can produce our own Decal Sets.

Our products and services include:

  • Airfix, Italeri, and Revell kits – as well as many other brands.
  • Our own range of Decal Sheets!
  • A full model made to order service, to a very high standard, at very reasonable prices!
  • Our own range of Multimedia kits!

We sell both the newest kits available, and some of the ‘Golden Oldies’ models from years gone by. Some of these kits are hard to find, stock is limited and highly variable

We will attempt to source some of the more interesting kits when required and available.

See this Cambridgeshire model shop website for more information at Stormfront Models