Premier Ship Models

Hertfordshire Model Boat Shop Premier Ship Models founded in 2001 have extended their range of Radio Control boats previously on offer.

Their products include:

  • large RC boats
  • RC Hull boats
  • Gas Powered boats
  • scale boats
  • race and speed boats that can be used in competition racing

The radio controlled boat models are sold ready to use (generally RTR) with parts and accessories.

All the ship models produced in these ranges are manufactured using “plank on frame” construction, which is done by hand from scratch.
The type of wood that is used can vary from model to model but on the whole it is either teak and sapele wood.
This method of model making has been a standard for generations.

Products & Services:

  • Over 500 ready-made model ships and boats in three ranges according to price and detail, Standard being entry level, Superior is mid-range and Premier is our top level.
  • Custom made model boat service. Over the years we have built almost 200 Custom models, many of which are one-offs.
  • Over 400 kits
  • Variety of display cases available in various styles to complement each ship
  • Restoration, cleaning and rebranding services (mainly done in the UK)
  • We also now build using modern technology such as 3D printing for better accuracy and detail

Visit this Hertfordshire Model Boat Shop website here for more information and range of products: Premier Ship Models