Wicksteed Park Model Boat Club Kettering Northamptonshire

Model Boat Club in Northamptonshire at Wicksteed Park Kettering.

A model boat club has been based in Wicksteed Park since the early 1920s.  The Wicksteed Park Model Boat Club re-started in February, 2005.

Each with their own taste in model boats varying from the Footy yachts to 8ft long scale warships, the club has over 70 members.  Members regularly sail their boats on Thursday and Sunday mornings but the Club has the use of the lake 7 days a week.   In the case of inclement weather, there is also access to a secure storage area and a lakeside shelter with removable sides.

Wicksteed Park was the country`s first themed park.  With large numbers of free swings and slides in the playground it is the perfect venue to bring the family whilst you can sail your boat.

Please see the model boat club in Northamptonshire website at Wicksteed Park Model Boat Club.