Euro & Asia Models

Model Shop in Berkshire based in Maidenhead

With over 26 years experience racing and competing in the RC world, Euro & Asia Models pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and friendly advice.

We help every customer through each step of their racing experience; from buying your first car, tuning your engine, offering setup advice and providing premium parts and replacements for each individual and their car.

Euro & Asia Models race in professional competition in regional, national meetings and international championships.

Products and Services include:

  • Beginner / Intermediate radio controlled cars
  • Pro RC Racing nitro car kits
  • Accurate replica RC Models
  • Offroad buggies
  • Ready-to-run “RTR” cars
  • RC Boats, Planes and Helicopters
  • Repairs services
  • Spare parts
  • Accessories
  • Engine tuning

Feel free to pop into the store at any time to discuss your latest racing setups or to find out where and when we race.

Euro & Asia Models  are members of the British Radio Car Association. They are also members of Remote World Model Car Club, arguably the best RC club in the UK.

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