The Cholsey and Wallingford Railway Preservation Society

Oxfordshire Railway Preservation Club near Wallingford

The Cholsey and Wallingford Railway Preservation Society operate Heritage train rides on a local branch line that first opened in 1866.

It links the historic riverside town of Wallingford with the GWR trains at Cholsey.

The Society`s 1950 coaches are hauled by either their own Heritage diesel engines or a visiting steam train.

Tickets can be purchased either online or from both Wallingford station or their own ticket office at Cholsey station.

Through tickets can also be purchased from GWR stations – just ask for a Wally Rover.

For an additional small charge, passengers are also able to enjoy a cream tea on their trip.

Members of this Railway Preservation Society are running a station building programme. They plan to reconstruct an historic platform canopy dating back to the time of Brunel.

There will hopefully be an historic signal box and plans are also underway to construct a permanent station building facing Hithercroft Road. That station will be based on Abingdon which was sadly demolished some time ago.

If you are interested in the joining the Oxfordshire Railway Preservation Club, preserving the railway heritage of the UK, please visit their website at Cholsey and Wallingford Railway Preservation Society.