The Himbleton Helecopters Model Club

Worcestershire Model Helicopter Club near Droitwich

The Himbleton Helecopters Model Club founded in 2000 are a small group of radio controlled model helicopter fans who meet at 10am on Sunday mornings.

Members have a broad range of experience, from absolute beginners to fully sponsored 3D flyers.

Members will freely offer their time and experience to aid others.

The Club`s flying field is near Littlebrook.

There is a no fly zone in part of the field to minimise the risk of noise disturbance to thevillage.

The type of models flown at the club’s field including:

  • Electric
  • Internal combustion
  • Turbine

This Worcestershire model helicopter Club are always looking for new Members and anyone interested in joining can find more information at their website – Himbleton Helicopters.