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UK Model Clubs

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One of the many gratifying aspects of die-cast model building and collecting is the fact that it’s a hobby for life. And just like other hobbies have clubs, there are model clubs available for enthusiasts to join.

Sharing, participation and fellowship are all words that signify a community and that’s exactly what ModelClubs.Co.UK is developing with our exciting model clubs section.

We don’t condone the exclusion of anybody who is interested in any of the model clubs listed; as long as you have an interest in any specific model that the club’s are available for, you’re welcome to join them.

By joining a model club you’ll be able to trade information on a certain theme and share the history of your model with fellow members. As a model club owner or associate you can submit a listing at no cost on our web site You will be able to review model shops available to buy your next precious die cast or even start a model swap - that and more is what these model clubs are listed for.

Scalextric Slot Racing Car ModelFor any die-cast miniature scale model enthusiast, receiving news about a certain collection is surely a great way to start the day. Model club administrators can send newsletters out to members on a regular basis depending on the number of members and the level of activity. But newsletters aren’t the only way for an administrator to share information to a model club community. Just click on the appropriate links on the right and take a look to find out more about the model clubs listed and how they’re run.

If you can’t find a model club that suits your interest, why not start one of your own? Anybody’s welcome to administrate a model club.

Our primary concern is to ensure that every model enthusiast can find a model club that suits his or her needs.


The Collectors Club of Great Britain
The British Model Aircraft Association
The British Association of Radio Control Soarers

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